American Dad! Season 19, Ep. 4 “A Roger Story”

In which Steve and Snot try to hold it together…

The Steve and Snot friendship is always one that seems to be teetering on the brink of disaster. From “Jenny Fromdablock” to “Steve’s Franken Out” there always seems to be something that tests their friendship. This episode is the latest in that. How does it stack up?

Steve and Snot are having a weeknight sleepover because their moms get together for book club. However, Francine and Esther (consistently referred to in the episode as “Snot’s mom”) fight and agree that they were only pretending to be friends for the kids’ benefit. They announce that the book club is over, which causes Steve and Snot to worry that their friendship will suffer. They enlist Roger, who is having his own crisis as an unsuccessful mixologist (which is why this is “Roger’s Story”). Roger attempts to drug Francine and Esther but he gives them meth.

Afterward Francine and Esther forbid Steve and Snot from seeing each other and enlist Principal Lewis to keep them apart. The two eventually run away together, and once again get Roger’s help to fake their deaths. Of course, this results in their actual deaths. Once Francine and Esther realize this, they and Roger travel to hell to retrieve Steve and Snot. They find the boys and make a deal with Satan that the boys can come back to life but Francine and Esther have to spend eternity in hell together. They agree and the boys are brought back to life where they are friends but have no memories of their mothers.

Stray Observations

  • Lewis dresses like The Falcon and does a Trainspotting
  • Stan has short term memory loss and has tattoos to remind him of things like in the movie Momento.
  • Billy’s back and decapitating him doesn’t kill him

Thoughts: This one was okay. Well worn ground at this point.