The Mary McDonnell Night Thread (12/28/21)

Sonneta’s Maggie Smith Day Thread got me thinking about another actress who also can do so much with a precise tone, arched brow, or devastating look: Mary McDonnell.

McDonnell is one of those “Oh that actor!” actors. She plays Stands-With-A-Fist in Dances with Wolves, for instance,

Yes, it’s a problem that the film centers white people, but she’s still great in it!

but she’s far from a household name. Yet from her impeccable delivery of “passport” in Sneakers,

I inexplicably can’t find a clip of McDonnell prompting Stephen Tobolowsky to say “passport,” so fine, have this clip of her dancing with River Phoenix’s character Carl instead.

to her precise disdain in Donnie Darko,

to her role as the indomitable Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica,

she’s just fucking great.

Y’all are also great! Enjoy the Night Thread, Avocados!