The 2021 Peely Awards for the Worst in Pop Culture, Round II

Welcome, fine folk of the Avocado, to Round II of the 2021 Peely Awards for the worst of this year’s pop culture products! In the previous round, we submitted and voted on categories, and what a wealth of suggestions there were! One hundred and eleven in total! We had to round them down, combine a few that covered similar territory, and we’ve ended up with forty-five categories overall.

In the comments below, I’ve set up a post for every category. If there’s a nominee you think should be represented and hasn’t been added already, just add it as a reply! If you feel that any nominee should win, upvote that comment posthaste! And if you like multiple nominees in each category, vote for as many as you like. Heck, vote for all of them! This should not be taken seriously.

  1. The Jared Leto Should Win This just for his One Line of Dialogue in The Snyder Cut Award for Worst (Gender non-specific) Actor of 2021 (Wolfman Jew)
  2. The Jon Stewart’s Raiding of Mr. Freeze’s Ice Puns Award for Worst Villain (UpVoFoCo MoDo)
  3. The Mud, Sex, Gold, and Failed Notes Award for Worst Musical (SadClown)
  4. Work Blockbuster or Franchise Project, Be It Sequel, Prequel, Reboot, or Yadda Yadda (Snob-Ra) (Michael Weyer)
  5. Worst Trailer, Poster, Advertising Campaign, Celebrity Endorsement, or Broader Act of Marketing (Tigercat919, Owen1120,  So Bring Us A Figgy Pliny)
  6. Count Dooku Award for Most Egregious/Silly Proper Noun in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Property that Was Introduced or Gained Notoriety in 2021 (Girard)
  7. Juicero Memorial Award for Worst New Product or Technological Boondoggle of 2021 (Merve) (The Wasp)
  8. Genghis John Award for Most Unfortunate Casting Choice (SadClown, Michael Weyer)
  9. Most Baffling, Bone-Headed, or Banal Plot Twist, Development, or Ending (Wolfman Jew) (UpVoFoCo MoDo)
  10. The “2 Martha 2 Furious” Award for Worst Change in an Adaptation or Worst Retcon (LoveWaffle)
  11. Worst “Joke” in a “Comedy” (Owen1120)
  12. The Grey’s Anatomy Award For Most Bizarre Music Choice In A Scene (Michael Weyer)
  13. Doing It All the Ways and Calling it Pop-Pop Award for Worst Sex Scene (Merve)
  14. The Kevin James and the A-Bomb Award for Worst Tonal Misfire (Girard)
  15. Most Accidentally Offensive Moral / Theme (Owen1120)
  16. “The “You Know How Fun Malignant Was? That, but Made by Total Dummies” Award for Best Dumb but Still Fun Lizard-Brain Moment” (Owen1120)
  17. The “We Spent How Much Of the Budget on CGI?!” Award for Worst Visual Effects of the Year (Comfy Headphones)
  18. The Christopher Nolan “I Bury My Dialogue Intentionally” Award for Worst Sound Mix of the Year (Comfy Headphones)
  19. The Naruto and Bleach Award for Worst Animation (Merve)
  20. The Sylar Wearing the Black Hat after Hiro Learns that Bad Guys Wear Black Hats Award for Worst Costuming or Makeup (Shit-Master Sløtface)
  21. The Lionized John Gotti Award for Worst Depiction of Real World History in a Work of Fiction (Michael Weyer, Megara Justice Machine, Sir Simon Milligan, SadClown)
  22. Worst Tabloid Exploitation Pretending To Be A “Documentary” (Goat Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
  23. The “Good Lord Seymour, What Is Happening in There?!” Award for Most Egregious Corporate Malfeasance (Merve)
  24. The Activision Will Almost Certainly Win It but We Should Have an Award for It Nonetheless Award for Worst Labor Abuse in the Entertainment Industry (Merve)
  25. The Worst Reporting Award for Most Glaring Inaccuracy in a News Story (Merve)
  26. The Words of the Prophets Are Written on the Subway Sandwiches Award for Worst Thinkpiece, Essay, or Inexplicable Screed (Wolfman Jew)
  27. The [Spoiler Redacted] Award for Worst Character Death (Sir Simon Milligan)
  28. The C’mon, Pal Award for Worst Part of an Otherwise Good Work (Merve)
  29. The Letdown Award For Postponed 2020 Work that Wasn’t Worth the Wait (Michael Weyer)
  30. The “Ob’m Know. Maybe Eat It, Kids” Award for Worst Attempt at Pretending that the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over (Merve)
  31. Best Show or Movie Locked Away on a Streaming Service You Don’t Want, New and Old (LoveWaffle)
  32. Shittiest Thing A Celebrity Did This Year, both the Ones You Liked and Otherwise (Mr. Glitch)
  33. The Jump Off a Cliff to Hit Another Cliff, Then Another, Then… Award for Spectacular Failure of a Promising Start or Easy Slam Dunk (Mr Ixolite) (q-pa)
  34. Apologies to Previous Peely Winners for Being Less Bad than Me, You, Madness (Wolfman Jew)
  35. Worst Thing the Avocado Watched Together in a Live Show (Wolfman Jew)
  36. Worst Obscure Thing that You Want to Draw Everyone’s Attention to Because It’s Just that Bad (Merve)
  37. The “Nobody’s Gonna Take Credit for This Shit” Award for the Worst Aspect of the Second Half of The Promised Neverland‘s Disastrous Second Season (Merve)
  38. The Jeffrey Katzenberg Award For the Unjustified Arrogance (Merve)
  39. Worst Project Title, non-Eric Roberts Division (Sir Simon Milligan) (originally “worst movie title”)
  40. Worst Title for an Eric Roberts Movie Released in 2021
  41. Worst Video Game of 2021
  42. Worst Album of 2021
  43. Worst Television Season of 2021
  44. Worst Book, Comic or Prose of 2021
  45. Worst Film of 2021

However, we are concerned about each category not getting enough nominees. We’d like to have, ideally, at least one winner and four runners-up for every category, but there’s always a couple each year that don’t manage more than a couple. We’ve discussed the idea of potentially switching out a category that isn’t getting attention, but that could be confusing and disruptive. So please, if you think of a good nomination, even if you don’t think it should be the winner, add it.

We do have three requests: please refrain from posting any top level comments until all the categories have been posted, please use spoiler tags for plot sensitive material, and please keep your nominees to things from this year. And, well, there is the fourth and most paramount request: have fun!