The Creative Endeavors Thread is Eventful, to Say the Least

Posting this a little late today!

I guess you could say I’m an event-ful kind of artist. I’ve been heavily involved in the street fair and art festival circuit for 10 years now this month. A decade ago I became interested after I saw several other artists who were doing it, and I foolishly believed it would be a quick and easy way to make my start as an artist. Ah, youthful optimism!

It’s been quite a journey ever since (I already used that dumb “event-ful” pun, damn). I hesitate to call myself an expert in anything, but after doing 160+ of these things (around 50 per year in the first couple years), I think I’m almost past the beginner’s stage. Honestly, it’s not something I would recommend. But like being an artist, if you gotta do it you gotta do it – despite how hard it is – and no one can tell you different.

Most of them have been pretty bad and not worth doing again, but you don’t know until you try. Overall they’re the best methods for me to get my work in front of people, connect with followers, and yes – make money. Despite only doing three in 2021, it ended up being my best year yet. I have big plans for 2022, but the pandemic always has different ones and we’ll see how it shakes out.

What have you been up to creatively?