The Night Thread Remembers a Shitmas Miracle

On December 23, 2008 The A.V. Club posted a short article titled This Holiday Message Is Brought to You. Among other things, writer Amelie Gillette used the space as an opportunity to hatepost about a Charmin Bears commercial. Now this in itself is unremarkable, but what followed in the subsequent comment section was one of the greatest things to happen in the history of The A.V. Club. A comment from a user posting under the name Butts Away spawned an entire thread of stories where commenters posted stories about themselves or people they knew having to make a run for the nearest bathroom, if you catch my drift.

The stories themselves are entertaining, but the magical part is that commenters kept revisiting this thread for YEARS after the original article had been published, adding their own personal anecdotes to the thread along the way. The thread came to be known as the “Shitmas” thread, and over the years gained legendary status among longtime commenters. However, when the A.V. Club switched from Disqus to Kinja in 2017, in spite of the promises that were made the comments from that particular article were not ported over to the new system.

While a certain former A.V. Club commenter who shall remain nameless took some low quality video footage of the thread in the last days of the Disqus era, in what can only be described as a Shitmas miracle, a commenter by the name of Astro Beacon E emerged from the depths of Lake Lurk with a link to the original Disqus thread – a thread which still exists to this very day!1

So on this auspicious occasion, please feel free to peruse the hundreds of heartwarming, humanizing stories posted in the original thread – and if you feel so inclined, you can always help keep the tradition alive by adding your own stories to The Avocado’s very own Shitmas thread, which is now four years old and counting!