Reviving an Old A.V. Club Holiday Tradition

Last summer when word of the Kinjapocalypse came down, on a whim I took video footage using my phone of one of the greatest comment threads ever produced by the Disqus-era A.V. Club.

Inspired by a mention in the original article of that Charmin commercial where the bears get bits of toilet paper stuck in their fur, A.V. Club commenters began to share their stories of times that they and their loved ones had either soiled themselves or suffered some other sort of embarrassment as a result of an ill-timed bowel movement. This thread continued for nearly a decade, with new members reading and adding their stories each year.

Unfortunately, in spite of the promises that were made, the thread seems to have not been ported over from Disqus to Kinja  nor have I been able to find the thread in Disqus. As far as I know, these videos are all that is left (though if anyone is able to locate the thread in Disqus, PLEASE post a link).

The quality isn’t great – I know there are different ways I could have done this which would have resulted in something easier to read, but again I did it on a whim and clearly no one else thought to do it, so any complaints of this nature will be ignored, met with derision or given the downvoting of a lifetime. I also had to make two videos as my phone overheated and shut off at one point. Basically I scroll down about every ten seconds, though I lingered longer on text-heavy sections and sped through some sections where there was little to read.

Anyway, if you were lucky enough to read this thread or contribute to it back in the day, I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane. And if you’re reading these stories for the first time, feel free to start a new holiday tradition by posting your excrement-related stories in the comment section below!


UPDATE: Disqus user Astro Beacon E was nice enough to emerge from a lake with the long-lost Disqus thread, so there’s no longer any need to play and pause my shaky videos. For a more comfortable and leisurely read, please go here:

EDIT: In the opening paragraph I referred to the thread as “Disqus-era” but apparently it was ported over from the A.V. Club’s old in-house comment system.