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The Thursday Politics Thread Gets Attacked By “Anthrax”

Mornin’ Politocadoes!

It would seem that a dozen people who attended a conspiracy conference in Dallas are feeling unwell. Per Vice, the entire group is claiming that they are the victims of an Anthrax attack. They confirmed the diagnosis by listing the usual symptoms of exposure to Anthrax: lesions and bruises on the skin, or diarrhea, abdominal pain, or occasionally vomiting of blood.

What’s that?


No, I’m afraid the symptoms they were reporting were: fever, chills, shortness of breath, coughing, headache, and fatigue. Symptoms common in people infected by the pathogen responsible for this pandemic.

To be completely fair to the deluded people in Dallas, who believe they inhaled it through a fog machine, those are symptoms common to anthrax infection when it’s been inhaled. You see, I read the Wikipedia article on anthrax too. But the symptoms usually start a week to a month after it’s been inhaled, whereas Covid’s incubation period is much, much shorter. Given that the group obviously wasn’t practicing social distancing or wearing masks, I’d say the anthrax attack is less likely.

The conference was attended by disgraced NSA director Mike Flynn, fanciest Nixon Stan alive Roger Stone, the MyPillow Guy, and Eric Trump. Though I doubt any of them were directly exposed.

For his part, the ReAwaken America conference organizer Clay Clarke has dismissed these claims as “rumors”. Rumors is an interesting word to use, though. He didn’t outright call it nonsense, so that’s special.

What’s worrisome about this particular spread of misinformation is how quickly it went through the Q ecosystem. Conspiracy podcaster Joe Oltmann, who was present at the event, could be seen coughing and sneezing on his stream, spreading the Anthrax claim. It’s also been signal boosted other Q luminaries like Ron Watkins and Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne via Telegram, Parler and Gab. So, not only are the people who are getting sick are being deluded, it’s also effectively erasing a superspreader event entirely from their wider community. It will only embolden followers to not follow protocols and become more convinced they are under attack.


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