CSI: North Pole – Signups

A man and a centaur-deer thing stand over a small body in a frozen ditch.

“You seeing this, Glendale?”

“Yeah, Smoove. Stabbed twelve times. One for each day of Christmas.”

She kicks the body with her hoof a little until it flips over. What once was a jolly elf face looks back her.

“Small object sharpened to a fine point. Red and white residue on each wound.”

“Same as the last four victims. Candy canes. The whole lot of them.”

They meditate on life’s fragility, but only for a second.

“Call the chief, tell him there’s another elf on ice. Beef up security on the Big Man.”

Glendale starts dialing her cell phone.

“And Glendale? Call in the calvary.”

“You mean outsiders?”

“Mmmmhmmmm. We gotta get a fresh perspective. Before Christmas is canceled for good.”

Welcome to Werewolf 170. This game will utilize a mechanic known as the Lab. Each day, a roled Townie known as the Sample Collector will bag the DNA of one player and add it to the Lab. A second Townie, know as the DNA Analyst, can compare samples in the Lab to DNA samples found on the victims. Details will be spelled out in the spoilered boxes.

Can the lab team apprehend the villains before they take down Santa Clause?

  1. Indy
  2. MSD
  3. Cop
  4. Chum
  5. hoho
  6. forever1267
  7. Marlowe
  8. Nate
  9. Grump
  10. Ralph
  11. Jake
  12. Goat
  13. QQ
  14. April
  15. Lindsay
  16. Wasp
  17. copywight
  18. Emm
  19. Side
  20. Hayes


11 Gumshoes – Vanilla Town. No power other than their vote.

1 Field Medic – Can protect a person from death each night. Cannot target themselves, nor the same person twice in a row.

1 DNA Analyst – Each night, can either collect a DNA sample from a living player or compare up to three DNA samples against those from a murder victim to test for a match. Replaced by the Intern if killed.

1 Sample Collector – Each day, they will be given an opportunity to collect a DNA sample from a living player and add it to the Lab. Replaced by the Intern if killed.

1 Forensics Intern – Replaces the DNA Analyst or the Sample Collector if they are murdered. Whichever dies first, or the DNA Analyst should both die at the same time.


3 Criminal Underlings – Vanilla Wolves. May carry out the wolf kill at night, but will leave their DNA at the scene.

1 Criminal Mastermind – Wolf Roleblocker. Cannot block the same person twice in a row. Cannot role block and also carry out the wolf kill on the same night. Like all killers, will leave DNA at the crime scene if carrying out the kill.


1 Spree Killer – SK. Wins if they get down to one other player. Leaves their DNA at the crime scene.


Ties are determined by RNG between tied players.

The mod reserves the right to add additional events or rules as balancing requires.

Please attack arguments instead of people.

The Lab

The Lab is where the accumulated DNA samples are stored. Both those collected from the roled Townies, as well as the DNA samples collected from the murder victims, which will be added automatically.

All samples collected from the roled Townies will be labled based on the player they represent. “sic’s DNA”, “hoho’s DNA”, etc.

DNA from crime scenes will be automatically added to the Lab and labeled “1A”, “1B”, etc., based on the night they were collected and the number of the victim.

At night, the DNA Analyst can compare up to three named samples to unknown samples to test for a match. “Let me compare sic’s, hoho’s, and Jake’s DNA to sample 1A, please.” They will be notified of any matches.

If a scum player dies, their DNA will be run against all unknown samples, so you will learn retroactively who they killed.

The Sample Collector and DNA Analyst are always aware what named samples are in the Lab. “You have sic DNA, hoho DNA, 1A and 1B.”

All players should add themselves to the Avocado Discord server if they haven’t already.