Smash Tournament: Smash 4 Stages Round Two

And we’re back with more stages, because the number of stages really does outstrip the number of new characters by a lot.

Stats from last round:

  • Paper Mario is the stage with the most votes last round. This surprised me. I love Paper Mario, the series, and love the theme of the stage, but some of the transitions are really cumbersome in this one.
  • The stage with the least votes was Rainbow Road, which I find to be a perfectly serviceable stage but a pretty unmemorable one, given its similarities to several of the Mario Kart and F-Zero stages.
  • The stage with the least votes to still win was Wily Castle, a stage which would probably be much more popular if it weren’t for the Yellow Devil spawning way too often.
  • The stage with the most votes to lose was Mute City, a stage which I find fairly pleasant and clever.