Sports Corner Signs Free Agents Like There’s No Tomorrow

And there won’t be, at least for MLB, since tonight at midnight EST, the lockout begins (almost typed lockdown). Lord knows when the owners and players will reach an agreement, or if the owners will give up on such ideas as making the threshhold for the luxury tax even lower. Hopefully, with over two months till spring training, they can find common ground and not lose any games. But I am not hopeful.

And in the meantime, it’s been a whirligig of fun as players leap from team to team, signing some pretty impressive contracts. Though at press time, the Yankees and Dodgers seem to be content doing nothing. What’s up with THAT?


  • Riley to USC, Kelly to LSU. Will Urban Meyer bolt from South Bend? (NFL fans sure hope so.)
  • Warriors and Suns played last night. I assume it went to six overtimes and was settled by CP3 and Steph playing HORSE.
  • Fun fact: the conditions on the floor of an ice hockey rink are ideal for the spread of germs like the virus that causes COVID-19. That explains not just the outbreaks now but the mumps outbreaks a few years back.
  • RIP Lee Elder, the first Black golfer to enter The Masters.
  • And best wishes to Tiger Woods, who addressed the press and admitted that his career as he knew it is probably over, and that he nearly lost his leg.
  • Lastly, Djoker is skipping the Australian Open because they are requiring vaccinations. The world’s smallest violin plays for him.

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.