WW 168: My Werewolf Academia – Day 5

Scrappy Doo is a stealthy one. He tiptoes around the school grounds, searching for clues. Can they find him? Could anyone?

Oh, but he can’t help himself. He lets out a “Scrappy doo!” when he stumbles across something, and it’s enough to alert his attacker.

Narrow is dead. They were a HERO and their Quirk was INVISIBILITY.

Your tired teacher walks to the front of the class.

“The class is at half capacity and there is still a villain loose. Pick it up, will you?”


All players, regardless of faction, will have a unique Quirk. They may discuss them with other players or lie about them to the extent they feel comfortable. A player’s Quirk will be revealed upon death, with very few exceptions.

Ties will be settled by RNG between tied players.

The wolf kill is mandatory and is carried out by one wolf each night. Most other night actions will be optional.

You are welcome and encouraged to ask the mods questions regarding your Quirks. They will answer to the best of their ability without confirming anyone’s claims. There may be times when something odd happens, and the mods’ only response will be “A Quirk did it.”

A player may not reveal the code name for their Quirk.

Please express patience with other players and the mods. This is an experiment that has every possibility of going off the rails. Mistakes invented both post-it notes and dynamite.


9 Heroes in Training: Win when all scum have been eliminated.

1 Villain: Win when they equal the number of Heroes left.

  1. MSD
  2. Side Character
  3. Goat HERO
  4. April VILLAIN
  5. malthusc
  6. Jam
  7. Jude
  8. Chum Joely
  9. Lamb Dance VILLAIN
  10. Indy
  12. Narrow HERO
  13. Cop
  14. OtakunoMike
  15. Mrs. Queequeg HERO VILLAIN
  16. Hayes HERO
  17. Grumproro HERO
  18. Gramps HERO
  19. Demyx
  20. Emmelemm HERO

AIR PRISON: Standard Jailer role, basically.

AUDIO: Motion detector who hears beeps for night actions performed by or on their target.

CLOCKWORK: Kill a person each night to increment your counter, which starts at 6. Killing ups it by 2, failing to kill lowers it by 1, and being targeted by a night action lowers it by 1 per action. If the counter strikes 12, win and exit the game. If it strikes zero, die.

COPYCAT: Pick a dead player and take over their Quirk. Must be used by the beginning of Day 3, and cannot be used on all Quirks.

COWARDICE: Hide behind a player. That player will die in your place if you are targeted with a night kill. If they are targeted with a night kill, you both die.

CREATION: Once a night, hand out an item to another player. Items include a one-shot vig kill, an investigation, and a role block.

DEATH TAILOR: Reverse the alignment of a person killed at Twilight. The deception will be revealed at the next Twilight.

ERASURE: Role blocker.

EXPLOSION: When activated, kills everyone who targets you with a night action.

HARDENING: Become immune to night kills. Needs a night to recharge when activated.

HYPNOSIS: Pick a player during the day and force them to change their vote. It will be locked in for the rest of the day.

INSOMNIA: Learn the identity and Quirk name of anyone who targets you with a nigth action.

INTERCEPT: Pick a player each night and die in their place if they would fall to a night action.

INVISIBILITY: Has a dodge rate that allows them to dodge night actions. Decreases whenever they vote, and decreases even more when they go a day without voting.

NAVEL LASER: Kill a person at night. Needs a night to recharge when used

OLFACTORY: Sniff a player each night to determine if they are a HERO or VILLAIN.

THUNDERDOME: Gladiator. Challenge a player to a duel, at which point no one may vote for anyone other than you or that player.

TWICE: Player has a doppelganger named “Double” who can cast an independent vote.

VENGEANCE: When day killed, take out one of your voters.

WITCHCRAFT: Pick a player at night and redirect their night actions to the player of your choice.

Twilight will be at 8 PM CST Tuesday, November 23rd. That’s tonight!