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Tuesday’s Politics thread is still catching up.

Holy crap this week, folks. There is something weird in the air, has anyone else noticed? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K y’all.

So the RNC used party funds to pay some of The Idiot’s legal fees, which is good because it takes money away from Republicans who are running.

More video from “tourists.”

Sharing for the word “fuckmuppetry” alone. And the popcorn.

There’s my three!! *nails the dismount, walks away*

*tiptoes back around the corner*

Do all the good things you can do today, no matter how small. Especially if they’re small. Take a breath. Understand that I’m reminding myself to do these things just as much as I’m reminding you. Don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel. There’s an odd sock behind the dryer.