WW 168: My Werewolf Academia – Signups


Welcome to UA High School, a renowned teaching establishment for up-and-coming heroes. This is Present Mic, here to give you the scoop on the upcoming semester and the challenges that await you.

For starters, you and every one of your classmates possesses a unique ability called a Quirk. Some are simple, some are complicated, but they all make for neat party tricks.

You see, the school has been infiltrated by a few members of the League of Villains, so we’ll need you to use your powers to get rid of them. Every day will offer you a chance to expel someone among you. If you catch a villain, great! If you catch an innocent hero in training…well, we have plenty of students.

I’ll be your humble host, and co-modding with me today will be Nate the Lesser (Hero Name: Spreadsheet. Quirk: Organizes the discord server and can even manipulate bots to notify the players of an approaching Twilight.)

Present Mic still has a few hours of work to do and will answer your questions as they come up. But enrollment is now open, so let’s make some noise!


13-15 Heroes-In-Training: Win when all scum factions have been eliminated.

4 Members of the League of Villains: Win when they have killed the third-party faction and equal the number of heroes left.

1 ???: Has an independent win condition, the details of which are known only to them.


All players, regardless of faction, will have a unique Quirk. They may discuss them with other players or lie about them to the extent they feel comfortable. A player’s Quirk will be revealed upon death, with very few exceptions.

Ties will be settled by RNG between tied players.

The wolf kill is mandatory and is carried out by one wolf each night. Most other night actions will be optional.

You are welcome and encouraged to ask the mods questions regarding your Quirks. They will answer to the best of their ability without confirming anyone’s claims. There may be times when something odd happens, and the mods’ only response will be “A Quirk did it.”

A player may not reveal the code name for their Quirk.

Please express patience with other players and the mods. This is an experiment that has every possibility of going off the rails. Mistakes invented both post-it notes and dynamite.

  1. MSD
  2. Side Character
  3. Goat
  4. April
  5. malthusc
  6. Jam
  7. Jude
  8. Chum Joely
  9. Lamb Dance
  10. Indy
  11. hoho
  12. Narrow
  13. Cop
  14. OtakunoMike
  15. Mrs. Queequeg
  16. Hayes
  17. Grumproro
  18. Gramps
  19. Jake
  20. Emmelemm

We’ll see how the evening goes, but if we get enough players I intend to start this on Tuesday afternoon with Twilight on Wednesday evening. The potential for death, which is extreme and frankly irresponsible, means this should be wrapped up before Thanksgiving.

Illustrious co-mod, please provide links to the server down below.