WW 166: Oops! All Cupids (Day 6)

Pina was busy rehearsing for the winter production of Romeo and Juliet. Sure, he loved being in the spotlight, but he hated the subject. Romantic love isn’t real. All that flirting? It was just an act to get ahead. The only thing he could count on in this life was the jealousy and admiration of the crowds when he was under these stage lights.

It was always so hot under these lights. He could feel himself sweating under all his wool. His mouth was a little dry. Was he getting dehydrated? He stepped near the edge of the stage where a water bottle was waiting for him.

Just then, a headache swept over him and his vision went white. He stumbled and fell into the orchestra pit where he snapped his neck on impact.

Pina (Goat) has died. He was the Red-Pill Serial Killer.

Too bad he hadn’t lived to see his final trap come to fruition. All it took was rigging a bucket of water to spill on the local love testing machine when the shop opened in the morning.

The bleary-eyed teenager who opened the shop didn’t notice the sparks from the machine catching on the pile of firewood nearby. The entire building went up in flames.

Abe Simpson as The Love-Matic Grampa (Adam Farrar) was killed. He was Vanilla Town.


  1. Wasp (@unstoppablewasp:disqus)
  2. Stoney Cupid (@lordstoneheart2:disqus)
  3. jake VT (@forget_it_jake:disqus)
  4. Mac VT (@MacCrocodile:disqus)
  5. Lamb (@theprincethatwaspromised:disqus)
  6. Nate Private Investigator (@NateTheLesser:disqus)
  7. Side VT(@side_character:disqus)
  8. Queequeg VT (@the_lavender_gooms:disqus)
  9. Marlowe Cupid (@marlowespade:disqus)
  10. April (@April_LKD:disqus)
  11. Josephus (@JosephusBrown:disqus)
  12. Jude Cupid (@SisterJudeTheObscure:disqus)
  13. raven VT(@ravenampersand:disqus)
  14. Child VT(@RobertPostsChild:disqus)
  15. Indy VT(@inndeeeeed2:disqus)
  16. sic VT (@sic_humor:disqus)
  17. hoho (@hohodor:disqus)
  18. Farrar VT (@adamfarrar:disqus)
  19. Lindsay VT(@gaydisaster:disqus)
  20. Goat Red-Pill SK(@GoatfulDead:disqus)
  21. Gramps (@mrimmyowngrandfather:disqus)
  22. Flubba (@flubbagunto:disqus)
  23. Owen VT (@Owen11203)
  24. emm (@emmelemm)

Special Mechanics & Win Conditions!

Special Mechanics:

  • If one Lover dies, the other dies too unless…
    • TWO-TIMERS! In the event that a Player is involved in more than one couple, the death rules change. If the two-timer is targeted, both (or more…?) of their spurned Lovers will remain in the game. If a two-timer’s partner is targeted, then the two-timer will stay alive if any of their other Lovers are alive!
    • RED-PILLER! Any player shot by the red-piller (SK) will die alone, regardless of their couple alignment. Any remaining Lover will become single.
  • The write-ups will never disclose if a dead player was a Lover, but this status may be hinted at through the text and through the math 😉
  • The remaining number of couples will never be explicitly tracked in the header.
  • Players will not be notified when the Sociopath has died.
  • All other roles (VT, Private Investigator, Paranormal Investigator, Doctor, Red-Piller, and Cupids) will be announced at death and tracked.
  • Cupids are non-human, all Townies are human, and the Red-Pill SK is human.

Cupids have selected couples under the following rules:

  1. Cupids cannot choose themselves to be part of their sponsored couple.
  2. Cupids did not know who their fellow teammates were before picking.
  3. Cupids cannot tell one another the identities of their selected players.
  4. If a couple makes it to the end of the game as the ONLY couple left, that couple and their Cupid sponsor will share a lone victory over the would-be winning faction.

Win Conditions!

  • The game is over when the number of wolves makes up half or more of the Player population, or when all scum are killed.
  • Traditional town vs. wolves win conditions apply, UNLESS!
  • A Cupid and their Couple they created will share a victory over the traditional winning faction if the couple is the sole remaining couple alive when a traditional town or wolf victory is reached. That’s right! A Cupid may still achieve victory from the graveyard if they bet on the right couple. Couples will not know the identity of their patron Cupid.
  • If the Red-Piller (SK) is alive in a town of singletons, they will win. This will be assessed upon the triggering conditions of a traditional Wolf victory.



  • 16 5 Vanilla Town
  • 1 Private Investigator may each night learn how many couples a targeted player is part of
  • 1 Paranormal Investigator may each night learn if a targeted player is Human or Cupid
  • 1 Doctor may each night choose a targeted player to protect from death. Doctor may self-target, but may not target the same player twice in a row. The Doctor cannot save a Player from dying if their Lover is killed, but will prevent the Couple from dying if they protect the night-kill-targeted Lover.


  • 4 1 Cupids will each pick a pair of players they think can make it to the end together.
  • 1 Red-Piller (a.k.a. Serial Killer): Any players shot by the SK will die alone. If their target player was in a couple, their other partner will live. The SK will be told if they broke up a couple.


  • 1 Sociopath is granted after all couples are formed. This player will not die if their (last/only) partner dies. This player may also be dual-roled (e.g. Sociopath Doctor, Sociopath Cupid, etc.) This player observes all the same win conditions as their default alignment and the Couple/Cupid alignment.


  • RP is optional, but appreciated!
  • Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you’re in a situation where you can’t reach that requirement, please notify me in your QT!
  • Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your personal QT. This will result in an instant mod kill.
  • Do NOT screenshot your couple QT. However, you may directly quote from your couple QT.
  • Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission both in the game thread and in your QTs.
    • Any accidental leak of your IRL name or email will be automatically deleted by mods to protect your privacy. The contents of those posts will be copied and reposted by the mod and you will be indicated as the author by your screen name.
  • Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people.
  • Emotional appeals are discouraged as arguments since we don’t want to guilt people for their votes.


Lutair will be helping me co-mod, as per usual. 🙂 If you can’t reach us via QT, our tags are @JamMoritarty:disqus and @lutair:disqus.

The vote spreadsheet can be found here.

Twilight is at 9PM Eastern on Monday, November 1st.