Weekly Wrestling Thread Gets (Un-)Cancelled


-Jon Huber/Brody Lee remembrance night from his hometown of Rochester New York

-Somebody did the math and last weeks dynamite was 37 minutes of Wrestling against smackdown’s 15. Both kind of depressing figures if I say so myself

-CM Punk’s long pants mayhem returns, joined full length commentary on this week on Dynamite. Oh yeah and Arn Anderson talks guns to a bewildered crowd

-Sammy Guevara is your new TNT champion beating Miro in a great match.

-Bobby Fish vs Sammy Guevara set for next week


-Extreme Rules happened. Overall reported as a good show

-Finn Balor kayfabe falls onto ring post bathed in red lights. I don’t even know what is real anymore

-New Day and the Undertaker’s interactive movie out next Tuesday

-Joe Gacy’s ‘woke’ gimmick was not canceled as earlier reported but returned full blown with a promo on NXT. Also their just referring to NXT as NXT 2.0. on air now


-Ice Ribbon announces working relation with CMLL

-Darkside of the Ring episode about Chris Kayon aired and did a good job of showcasing the depressing story of one of the most inventive wrestlers of the 90s