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Tuesday’s Politics thread can’t sleep

So here I am, typing at 5am. I will truly be bringing the news from today instead of yesterday evening. Or you know, 7:45am my time when I panic and remember I haven’t written anything yet.

First up! We have a reddit protest going on. reddit has a mis/disinformation issue going on with regards to COVID and a bunch of pages have gotten together and restricted access until reddit removes these pages. Specifically, they are targeting r/NoNewNormal. More information can be found in this reddit post.

A list of participating groups can also be found there. Good on them, and thank you, Library Lass for bringing it to my attention.

Good grief…Politico continues to dumpster fire right along, scrolling through just now and it’s “Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco…” followed by “Why Biden’s electric car plan won’t work” followed by “Sidney Powell Lands in Washington.” I expect a kooky, yet warm profile of her in the coming weeks on there. And it’s sneaky too, I had to unfollow it and mute it on twitter. HSometimes it’s time to throw the whole website out.

Hoooooooooo BOY, speaking of Sidney Powell, she is in trouble!! And “I’ve been in me a long time” is totally what a lizard person would say. These are two very short clips of bananapantsedness.

Ron DeSantis following through on his promise to pull funding from schools which implement mask mandates:

This is how democracy ends, not with a bang, but a series of loud, determined people, willing to drive good public servants out of their jobs. I truly have no idea what to do about this. No wonder I’ve been up since 4.

OK. Well, you know what to do. Only one way to face this, graciousness, kindness, and perhaps a pun spiral or two. No threatening Mayor McSquirrell or anybody else. And there’s something funky in your fridge. Maybe throw that out.