The Amity Blight Night Thread Spins Right Round

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Owl House. If this doesn’t sound like something you want, please scroll down to the comments section below, and have a Blight night!

If you’re a fan of Disney Channel’s wonderful cartoon series The Owl House, then you probably know it got a kick-ass new intro for its second season in which all of the show’s heroes get to make a cool introduction, with Amity Blight gracefully twirling in like a boss before unleashing her signature abomination magic everywhere.

This has lead to a LOT of YouTube videos mashing her entrance up with a certain pop song…and it’s awesome!

Sadly, The Owl House is on hiatus, but at least for the time being we can all be happy that Amity is finally dating her beloved Luz (after having a not-so-subtle crush on her since the first season), and things seem to be going very well for the two of them so far. They’re adorable, and deserve all the happiness.

Also, for your own personal safety, do NOT attempt to mess with Luz, or Amity will come for you…

Have a fantastic night, Avocados! You all make this environment a wonderful place, and I’m thankful for all of you! You always have a way of sneaking into people’s hearts… (and, yes, I am being a little mushy with it being my birthday and everything)