Werewolf 162: Friday the 13th Part 2! Signups

Summer 1980


“Gol darn it, Miko, what have you gone and gotten your nosy self into?”

“mommy…help me…”

“Hey everybody! The Cantina is on fire and the door is locked and I’m inside and-“


“You’re all DOOMED!”

*ding ding ding*



“Kill them all, mommy! Kill them for me!”

“Yes, dear boy, I will kill them.”

Summer 1981

Welcome back to beautifully serene Camp Lake Aroo! The cabins all have a fresh coat of paint on ’em, the canoes have been patched, and the archery targets have been restuffed. We’re so excited to have you back; what could possibly go wrong?

So, ya decided to come back for another round of Friday the 13th, Werewolf style, eh? Fine fine, I’ll be looking for 18-20 Players but could expand as needed. There’ll be nothin’ too fancy in this game.


There’ll be some Townie type folks like:

THE HEAD COUNSELOR: Each Night reads a Player of their choice as Camper or Counselor. If they read Jason they die.

THE HEAD NURSE: Each Night can Heal but not Block a Player. Can’t Heal the same Player on consecutive nights but can heal themselves. If they Heal Jason they die.

THE CHICKENSHIT: Each night they can hide behind a different Player. If The Chickenshit is targeted to die that Player dies instead. If the Player they’re hiding behind is targeted to die they both die.

THE CAMPERS: Vanilla Town

Then there’ll be some Wolfie types:

PARTY HEARTY COUNSELORS: Vanilla Wolves except for one:

THE LOOKOUT: Will be told if a chosen Player has a Night Action, though not what that Action is.

And, yup, you guessed it:

JASON: Serial Killer. At the beginning of each Day their Kill will be RNG’d between Day or Night Kill. Day Kills cannot be Healed nor will Jason appear differently as a Camper to the Lookout that Night.


-Three comments per day or possible Mod Kill.

-No direct quoting from QTs.

-Attack people, not arguments…wait, no, the other way around!

-No editing of posts.

-Ties at Twilight will be RNG’d.

-Have fun!


Hoping for 18-20 players but can expand as needed. I’ll reserve a couple of spots for Euro-cados.

1) Gruffi Gummi

2) Jam

3) Mac

4) Mustard

5) Marlowe

6) Hayes

7) Grumos

8) Ralph

9) jake

10) sic

11) emm

12) Mrs. Queequeg

Lucky number 13) Smokey

14) Copywight

15) Side

16) Nate

17) Lindsay

18) Andiddy

19) raven

20) Tiff? Tiff!

21) Kierkegaardless


1) Dice