Comic Book Chat – Best Comics of 2021 Thus Far

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Today’s Discussion – Best Comics of 2021

I’m sure you are reading this thread and you are shocked to learn that 2021 is more than halfway over.

We are going to discuss your favorite reads of this year so far. Tell us the comics you have read that keep you coming back for more each week or month. Maybe there is an original graphic novel that you read that was the best by far. Hell, maybe there is a comic book you have never read until this year that you want to sing praises about in the comments section.

Tell us why you liked the comic or graphic novel and why you would recommend it.

My pick is Silver Coin from Image Comics. It is a horror anthology series from the best and brightest creators. It was solicited as a limited series but thanks to strong sales and word of mouth, it was been promoted to ongoing status.

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