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Creator of the first commercially available anti-virus software, third-party Presidential candidate, drug manufactures. gun enthusiast, possible murderer, fugitive from multiple authorities, and sex pest, John McAfee was found dead in his cell in a Barcelona prison. The Spanish National Court had, only hours before, ruled that extradition to the US to face criminal charges from the Department of Justice’s tax division.

Everything indicates that McAfee took his own life, but shortly after, his Instagram was updated with a “Q” and the QAnon dorks have since taken this to mean that he, like other noted criminally rich person Jeffrey Epstein, didn’t kill himself. All evidence points to McAfee not wanting to face charges, particularly for tax evasion, since he was famously anti-taxation. McAfee lived a life with few consequences and when it caught up with him, he couldn’t handle it. End of story.

I look forward to this shitposting getting combed over by conspiracy theorists and they eventually arrive at the conclusion that him and Epstein are actually still alive and have secretly been working with JFK Jr. and the My Pillow Guy to reinstall Trump as President.

Meanwhile, the State of California is already running out of water thanks to the historic drought that Western states have been struggling with. But due to the sheer size of the state and diversity of micro-climates, responses to the drought have been patchwork. Individual communities have responded differently depending on their needs, with cities like San Diego seeing virtually no restrictions in their water consumption but cities like San Jose have asked residents to cut water use by 15%. With no statewide mandate, it’s difficult to communicate the problem as individual communities respond according to their needs.


Democracy activists in Hong Kong mourn the end of the Apple Daily. The Apple Daily, as I’ve mentioned previously, has been the victim of Beijing’s repressive new national security laws, that have seen the arrest of its owner and several executives. Since Beijing has also frozen the papers assets, it has been the announced that the newspaper will close. The paper, known for it’s vigorous defense of pro-democracy activists and its aggressive investigations into CCP officials.

“Even when the democratic world increases the sanctioning actions toward them, they would just intensify the suppression and prosecution against Apple Daily, in the hope that they would succumb to the pressure and surrender or stop publishing,”

Apple Daily Journalist Yeung Ching-kee


Hong Kong’s democracy was by no means perfect, but there was a vibrant freedom of expression and speech not seen in Beijing. it is meeting an unwarranted and ignominious end.

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