Sports Corner Is Going to the Ballpark

Yes, with at least some degree of comfort in a generally vaccinated NYC and outdoors, I am going with my wife and friends to tonight’s Mets-Braves game. At press time, both times are dealing wtih injuries to pitchers and no starters have been named. But the point of going isn’t the pitchers. It’s to be at Citi Field for the first time in ages to enjoy the sights and sounds of a night at the park. Though it would be nice if the Mets win.


  • The NBA and NHL playoffs reach the conference finals
  • MLB cracks down on the use of foreign substances
  • LV Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib comes out, the first active NFL player to do so
  • Jon Rahm wins the US golf open
  • Naomi Osaka to skip Wimbledon and recharge her batteries for the Olympics
  • And the NCAA is swatted down like flies by the Supreme Court

As ever, all sports subjects welcome. And a reminder to check out the NBA Playoff Thread, no doubt with extra analysis of the draft lottery.