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The NBA Playoff Thread

Let’s talk about basketball


Side bet: If Bucks make it to the Finals I’ll bet you a kringle for a Bucks win against anyone in the West. You get to choose what you put up.

I suck at making these things so for now I’m just going to post the coming up games. Maybe I can edit afterwards to add new games? I dunno, let’s find out together!

Games for 6/16/21

ATL 109 PHI 106 (ATL leads Series 3-2)

LAC 119 UTAH 100 (LAC leads Series 3-2)

Games for 6/17/21

MKE 104 BKN 89 (Sereis 3-3)

Games for 6/18/21

PHI 104 ATL 99 (PHI leads Series 3-2)

LAC 131 UTAH 119 (LAC wins Series 4-2)

Games for 6/19/21

MKE 115 BKN 111 (Bucks win Series 4-3) (I’ll keep my screams of joy to a min)

Games for 6/20/21

LAC @ PHX (assuming they can find they shoes after all this time off) 2:30 (NOTE: this game is on ABC)

ATL @ PHI 7:00 (Series 3-3)

Be good to each other and pass me the rock