Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2005-2008: Top 4

Round 8! We’re almost done!

Since it’s the playoffs, groups will be active until 9:00 AM Pacific the day after they post,1 or for roughly 24 hours. You can listen to a playlist of today’s songs (in matchup order) here.


Voting will be live until Tuesday, May 11th at 9:00AM Pacific

Previous Round Results:

PortalStill Alive188Wii SportsTitle Screen
Umineko When They CryDreamenddischarger135The World Ends With YouCalling
Kingdom Hearts IIPassion913Super Mario GalaxyGusty Garden Galaxy
Aoi ShiroDrawing Water513Persona 4Heartbeat, Heartbreak

Fun Facts:


Our top 4:

Portal – Still Alive
The number 1 seed, Still Alive had a close call way back in the top 128, winning only on tiebreaker. At the time I thought that was a sign that the meme-induced backlash was still going strong and it would not be long for this tournament. And yet a few rounds later and here we are. Still Alive just does better and better every round, and at this point has to be seen as the favorite to win the whole thing.

Umineko When They Cry – Dreamenddischarger
It wouldn’t be one of our tournaments without a semi-obscure visual novel most of us haven’t played crashing the top 4. Our voters go wild for this 10 minute epic, but will they be scandalized by the title not actually being German despite really looking like it should be German?

Super Mario Galaxy – Gusty Garden Galaxy
Nintendo is a perpetual bridesmaid in these tournaments, so history would suggest this is as far as Gusty Garden Galaxy will go. But this beautiful sweeping song managed to become the de facto theme of Super Mario Galaxy despite initially being the music for a mid-game level, so it’s overcome the odds before. Is a live orchestra what it takes to finally get Nintendo over the hump?

Persona 4 – Heartbeat, Heartbreak
The Persona games have given us lots of beautiful, emotional songs in this tournament, many of them potent enough to have an impact even sans context. It’s also given us lots of smooth grooves that are just a joy to listen to. Heartbeat, Heartbreak pulls a little from each column; will it be enough to claim victory?

Remember the Fallen:

  • Aoi Shiro
  • Kingdom Hearts II 
  • The World Ends With You 
  • Wii Sports 

Top 4 By Platform:

  • PS2: 1 song
  • Wii: 1 song
  • PC: 1 song
  • Multiplatform: 1 song

Well, it’s time to call it; the PS2 will never be more than half the remaining field. It tried, but it never quite managed to pull it off.