A Werewolf Game About Nothing: Sign-ups

Serenity now? Insanity later!

Welcome to Werewolf 152: Seinfeld. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Each day of this game will have an event. Some events will change game rules for that day, others are just for fun. Details of that day’s event will be revealed when the day is posted.

Day 1: The Hamptons
Day 2: The Opposite
Day 3: The Contest
Day 4: The Junior Mint
Day 5: The Soup Nazi
Day 6: The Cartoon
Day 7: The Finale


  1. Marlowe
  2. Hoho
  3. April
  4. Nate
  5. Wasp
  6. Jake
  7. Side Character
  8. Adam Farrar
  9. Sic humor
  10. Book Lover
  11. Louie
  12. Cop on the Edge-ish
  13. MacCrocodile
  14. Emmelemm
  15. Jude
  16. Lindsay
  17. Ralph
  18. Indy
  19. Hayes
  20. Warrior


Wins the game when the wolves and SK are sent to Del Boca Vista (the graveyard).

JERRY SEINFELD – Jerry is an observational comedian. Each night he “observes” a player to learn their alignment. Jerry can detect the SK and the wolves (except Uncle Leo). 

GEORGE COSTANZA – The first time George dies, he shows back up in the game the next day as if it never happened.

COSMO KRAMER – Role backup.
-If Crazy Joe Davola dies before the start of Day 3, Kramer becomes the new Serial Killer.
-If Kramer and Crazy Joe Davola both survive until Day 3, Kramer then becomes the Jailer.

ELAINE BENES – Her dancing is so awful it can kill. Once during the game, Elaine can “little kick” another player to the graveyard. If Elaine is blocked, the shot is not spent. Also, Elaine is Town Lovers with …

DAVID PUDDY – Elaine and Puddy share a QT. They will randomly break up and get back together throughout the game. They will be notified in their QT by the mod when they are broken up or not. If Elaine or Puddy dies while they are together, they both die. If one of them dies while they are broken up, the other survives.

One ??? Mystery Town Role



Wins the game when there is no SK and the number of wolf players equals the number of Town players.

NEWMAN – Role blocker. Cannot block the same player on consecutive nights.

UNCLE LEO – Undetectable wolf. Hello!

One ??? Mystery Wolf Role

MR. PITT – Eats his Snickers bars with a knife and fork. Otherwise, a vanilla wolf.

Serial Killer

Wins by being the last clown (player) standing.

CRAZY JOE DAVOLA – Kills one player per night. If Crazy Joe Davola kills Jerry, he immediately gets an additional kill the same night.


No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

You cannot edit any of your posts. The mod will know!

Wolf and SK night kill actions are mandatory. Vig kills are optional.

A tie vote at Twilight results in RNG amongst the tied players.

Participation: You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being replaced.

Be nice: Attack arguments, not people.

Night Action Order of Operations: Blocking > jailing > investigation > SK kill > optional Vig kill > Wolf kill.