Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (4/20)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to discuss film with your fellow commenters. Have you ventured out to the theater this week? Have you discovered an old classic on streaming? Hot takes? Cold takes? Lukewarm takes? The Academy Awards are happening this Sunday, too. There are other dedicated threads for that, but I won’t chase anyone away for making Oscar predictions.

Today is also …. 4/20.

We’re in Bat Country.

So, like, today’s prompt.

What is the most memorable cinematic portrayal of being on drugs?

It can be a harrowing nightmare like in Requiem for a Dream, Easy Rider, or Climax.

Or it could be something more whimsical like when Ewan McGregor takes the Absinthe and sees the Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge, or Dumbo chugging down that booze and seeing Pink Elephants. Maybe it’s Scarecrow unleashing his fear gas in Batman Begins.

The excuse of drugs give directors a license to engage in flights of fancy, or to put the viewer in the sensation of being in the frightening position of being out of control of the one thing they put their trust in: their perception.

Does it stem from personal experience, such as Denzel Washington’s character in Flight? Or did the director watch Alice In Wonderland and decide, “This must be what being on drugs is like?” Who knows.

Next week: martial arts