The 4/20 Day Thread totally spaced on the date!

OK, so, like, grock it, man, I had like this whole thing planned with an image and everything, it was gonna be like the first OT/ werewolf crossover with like, elements of the I Ching incorporated? Then I was gonna do this thing where the Grateful Dead bears were invading, and at the end Howard Marks descends from heaven to offer some words of wisdom… woulda been sweet. In the end I watched all of Frasier for the 12th time instead.

In lieu of that, let’s take a look at the ‘drug rug’:

Seen here in its natural habit: covering a hippie

The ‘Baja Hoodie’… though we know they originally came from Mexico, nobody seems to know the how, why or when as to their actual creation… a true folklore item of mysterious origin!

This man had never seen or even heard of a Baja hoodie before this photo was taken

The porous nature of the materials coupled with the loose stitching means they breathe easy, dry off quickly, and don’t retain that much water in the first place. This made them perfect beach wear for surfers in the 70s, who would bring them back from Baja California, Mexico.

That’s more like it… Only for TRUE counter-culture icons

It is widely claimed their warmth and comfort led to them being adopted by weed fiends, though a less-charitable view might also point to the fact that their easy-breathe nature lessens the need for regular washing. Personally I think the hippies love hacky sacks so much they want to cosplay as them.

Now that’s the face of an authentic Baja appreciator

I sincerely hope you don’t have ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ in your head now.

Hey, happy 4/20, man, beautiful etc.