The Avocado Predicts the 2021 Academy Awards

It’s that time again! Only two months late, the Oscars will be happening this Sunday, as Conductor Soderbergh choo choos us into Union Station. The random shouting of MANK will reach a fever pitch, everyone will make sure to catch up by watching Hillbilly Elegy, and we will all take a moment to honor the cricket who looks like this.

we love the cricket from two-time Oscar nominee Pinocchio, don’t we folks

Just like I did for the Golden Globes, I have created a prediction game in which you- yes, you- can predict the winners for a chance to earn… nothing, but it’ll be fun.

I have attached a Google Form here where you can make your predictions! I will take your username, so that I can determine a winner, but I promise that I will not take your email or any contact information. On the first page of the form, you predict what you think will win an Oscar all categories are required. On the second page, you choose what you think should win an Oscar; all categories are not required, because not everyone can pick a favorite out of every category.

Predicting will run from Monday, when this goes up, to Sunday afternoon at 6 PM EST. After that, the ceremony will begin, I will stop taking predictions, and I will put a writeup of the winners up on Monday morning or late Sunday night depending on how I feel

Come take your chance at honor and glory, and maybe some upvotes!

(If you want help predicting the shorts, I wrote about them here, here, and here. Also, yes, I’m sorry I didn’t get to the singing cowboys this week either, but I am writing the last four up this week in advance. Consider the Oscar season the mid-season break of the singing cowboys.)