Avocado April Madness: Elite Eight

Here we are at the Elite Eight, or, to put it another way, the Division Finals! But before we get down to business, a moment of silence for the fallen:

Louise Belcher
Moira Rose
Beth Harmon
Johnny Lawrence
Lapis Lazuli
Steve Harrington

There were some hard, hard losses this round, including MY champion, Rapunzel. Lapis campaigners, your efforts will be remembered.

But now it’s time to decide the champions of the Comedy, Drama, Youth, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy divisions. Gear up, folks. It’s time to campaign like you’ve never campaigned before.

Character campaign posters, if you want them, can be found here, provided by Andy Tuttle: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kaZiU8xbTkRopzrSYlurxG8Tcdr3siKb?usp=sharing

The Elite Eight will be open until 10 pm EST on Saturday, April 10.