Connery: The Results

I almost forgot about this myself. The Finals Post is way back on Page 10!

Obvious Winner Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade turned out to be… The Obvious Winner, pummeling runner up The Hunt for Red October by almost double the votes 40 – 21.

Normally I would write this 4th place to 1st, but there’s not much drama in that, thanks to Indy (Side Bar: Phoebe Waller-Bridge announced for Indy 5. Hmmm…. Talk amongst yourselves!)

In first place, never coming close to being kicked out was the Obvious Winner….

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The Runner Up, also never in trouble, was

The Hunt for Red October

Now for the drama. Just one vote was the difference for the other two in our Final Four. In 3rd place, beating the 4th place film 23 to 22 votes, is:


The Untouchables

Which leaves, in 4th place, the Best (?) James Bond film….

Dr. No

If I had thought of Indiana Jones 3, I might not have chosen Sir Sean as our latest Movie Start Movie Tournament. But this has been fun, and surprising. As I wrote earlier, I am very surprised The Rock didn’t make this Final Four, and that Goldfinger wasn’t the last standing James Bond film. You just never know.

I’m on a non-vacation (see “In All Seriousness” for details) for the next 2 weeks, and then we’ll pick another movie star. Maybe a Character Actor, to make it tougher.