Avocado April Madness: Round of 32

Thanks to your dedicated clawing, scraping, and giffing, 32 characters have advanced! Sadly, we bid farewell to 32 others:

The Tick
Gretchen Cutler
Mr. Peanutbutter
Sandra Kaluiokalani
Ted Lasso
Baby Billy Freeman
Keith Mars
Eloise Bridgerton
Lorne Malvo
Della Street
Victor Salazar
Tom Wambsgans
Queen Elizabeth II
Korey Wise
Kelsey Pokoley
Kipo Oak
Lemony Snicket
Carmen Sandiego
Rita Farr
Lyra Belacqua
Nadia Vulvokov
Amos Burton
D’Vana Tendi
Mr. Nancy
The Doctor

The winner with the most votes was Janet, with 47 votes. (5 more than she got last year, when she was also the Round 1 winner with the most votes!) The winner with the fewest votes was Mirror Tulip, with 6. The loser with the most votes was The Doctor, who lost to The Vision 25-34.

As we move on to the Round of 32, the races will get tighter, and campaigning will be more important than ever. So everyone get your pleas in place, and get ready to make some deals. Character posters, made by Andy Tuttle, can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kaZiU8xbTkRopzrSYlurxG8Tcdr3siKb?usp=sharing

The Round of 32 will be open until 8 pm on Thursday, April 8.