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The Thursday Politics Thread Returns To Normal

Morning Politicadoes!

With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris safely inaugurated as the new President and Vice President the country has gotten a small taste of competency again. Harris was welcomed back to the Senate to preside over the body as President of the Senate, the new administration swore in 3 new Democratic senators into the Senate, and Biden himself issued 17 executive orders largely rolling back many of the previous administration’s most egregious edicts. The Wall? Well, that was mostly achieved through the signing of executive orders, so with a stroke of a pen that’s undone. That ridiculous 1776 commission? Gone. The Paris Climate Treaty? The US is back in.

It’s a long road back. It won’t be easy and goodness knows that going back to, say, 2015 isn’t in everyone’s best interests. But having a relatively sane and honest administration is a good place to start moving forward.

Biden-Harris, Day 1: What mattered most


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