The NAMM Show 2021 – We Believe in Music Week, Day 4

Holy crap! We’re almost halfway through the show and I’m still going! Honestly, I’m having a great time and I hope that you all are having some fun along with me. (Well, at this point, I’m just hoping that someone is reading this.) I really didn’t know how I’d approach this whole virtual event, but there are new videos being released every day and I haven’t run out of things that I want to share yet.

I’ve found a ton of new gear that I want to buy, but even the things I can’t afford (or simply don’t have any room for) still inspire me. A lot of these videos give me new ideas for approaching my old gear…I always walk away from the NAMM show with fresh inspiration and a new found determination to make some noise.

If this is your first time joining me (WHAT) you can find previous days here, here and here. And you can feel free to register and attend for yourself…there are some things that they won’t let me show you (like the Planning for Pyro Forces on Structures—Making Sure the Effects Don’t Become Demolition discussion – that’s sure to be a blast!). You can sign up here if you want to learn how not to set yourself on fire.

Enough of my blathering. Let’s rock!