The NAMM Show 2021 – We Believe in Music Week, Day 3

Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! and Welcome to this, my third day of covering the 2021 NAMM Show!  (Sorry, but that pretty much exhausts my foreign language abilities at the moment.) I’ve been thinking a lot about the NAMM community and the broader community of musicians worldwide…it’s always a great pleasure to meet people from around the world during the show.  Sure it’s cliché, but no matter what languages we speak, we’ll all brought together by the universal language of music, and a common passion for the instruments that let us speak that language together.

My own musical journey has brought me to a place where I play a little bit of nearly everything, which makes it particularly fun to cover such a diverse event.  I can become equally enthusiastic about boutique guitars from Spain, hand hammered cymbals from Turkey, the latest modular synths from Germany, and folk instruments from around the world. I always learn a great deal from the shows, and walk away with new inspiration. This virtual show has been no different in that respect…in fact I feel like I’ve already seen more product demos and found more cool stuff than I normally do in three days of walking around the show floor.  And I don’t have to lug a backpack full of cameras and equipment around for ten miles a day!

If this is your first day joining me, here are links to my first two days of coverage…

Day one:

Day two:

Another great thing about the virtual show?  No driving back and forth to Anaheim, and no parking worries!  Now let’s get started.