The NAMM Show 2021 – We Believe in Music Week, Day 1

Hey party people…welcome to my coverage of the NAMM Show Winter 2021 – Believe in Music Week!  If you are new to NAMM, it’s the premier trade show for the musical instrument industry, and it’s always packed with companies showing off their latest gear, some of the world’s most famous musicians, and people like me who do whatever they can to find a way in.

For the past several years, I’ve been lucky enough to attend the NAMM Show in Anaheim to take photos and video and generally help my friend cover the event for his website.  Thanks to the pandemic, this year’s show is being held virtually, which means that I can cover it for my fellow Avocadoans!  

It’s usually closed to the public, but this year it’s open to everyone.  You can register at if you’d like to join me for this virtual affair.  It runs from Monday 1/18 to Friday 1/22, and I’ll be checking in with these threads as I visit the virtual booths and attend some of the virtual events.

So pretend like you’re heading into a convention center packed with thousands of musicians all playing thousands of instruments at the same time, and let’s get started!