Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Jan. 20

Let’s meet today’s contestants:

  • Sarah, an art journalist and critic, met Alex on the subway (and has visual proof);
  • Hannah, a payment operations manager, was hit by cars on three continents; and
  • Brian, an attorney, plays the bass clarinet. Brian is a one-day champ with winnings of $13,201.

Brian was in control most of the way in DJ but couldn’t quite keep a runaway, entering FJ at $16,400 vs. $10,500 for Hannah and $5,000 for Sarah.

DD1 – $400 – EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – For adding areas such as Valencia to his realm, 13th c. King James I of Aragon was known as “Jaime el” this Spanish word (Hannah lost $500 from her leading score of $3,200.)

DD2 – $800 – SCIENCE GLOSSERY – Rocks that have been environmentally altered from other rocks make up this class, from Greek for “change” & “form” (Brian won $2,000 from his total of $15,200 vs. $6,500 for Hannah.)

DD3 – $1,200 – POLY ESTHER – She used her experiences as a Smith College student for the character of Esther Greenwood in “The Bell Jar” (Sarah won $2,200 from her third-place score of $2,800 vs, $16,400 for Brian.

FJ – THE WESTERN U.S. – About 100 miles apart, they were made state capitals 10 years apart in 1854 & 1864 & both grew rapidly due to precious metals

Everyone was correct on FJ. Brian added $4,601 to win with $21,001 for a two-day total of $34,202. Hannah only wagered $100, locking down second place but giving her no chance to win if Brian bet to cover double of her score by $1 (which he did).

Old-timey pop culture problems: No one knew the performers of the ’80s hit “The Power of Love” (Huey Lewis and the News), the main character in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (McMurphy) or the “dyn-o-mite” sitcom starring Esther Rolle as Florida (“Good Times”).

Ken’s Corner: At the top of the show, Jennings gave the players the kind of sincere pep talk that only a successful former contestant can effectively deliver. Later, Ken shared an affection for roller derby names, a topic that always got Alex interested when a contestant said they were a participant.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is Conquistador? DD2 – What is metamorphic? DD3 – Who was Plath? FJ – What are Sacramento and Carson City?