WW 139 – Office Christmas Party – Day 6

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the office, it was scattered with presents, though very few saw this. Beaker slept in a innocent haze in his cube (back to the entrance, the vulnerable rube). Along came Miss Carrie, wielding a box. She dropped it right on him and, quick as a fox, she bolted away and before he could see, the world sparkled with glitter, like an old festive tree.

Away in a hallway, apart from the dross, a 40-year old man who looked a lot like your boss crept slowly toward Catherine, but it was too late. She turned with her knife and the wrath of the Tate came down in quick slashes to body and face. He responded in kind and this isn’t the place to recount all the violence, the unmentionable gore. It suffices to say that he died but before he fell he inflicted a sinister wound on Catherine and in that same hallway festooned with glitter and streamers and derelict trees, the newest employee was brought to her knees.

Andy (Indy) is dead. He was a Manager (Wolf).

Catherine Tate (NarrowStrife) is dead. They were an Intern (Serial Killer).

Who was left in the office? A beleaguered assistant? A sobriety pusher so often resistant to human behavior? A beloved muppet? The grumpy hyena? And you know what? Fuck it.

The wine flowed like rivers; it was snowing outside. The Canadian worker with nothing to hide kissed his partner under the mistletoe sprig and were Janice still here she’d have reason to wig about these unseemly employee relations but nothing could cut short the new celebrations.

Away in the hall the esteemed Kitty Witless was spraying a message that said


The sun started rising, the day had begun. But the game was now over. Town finally won.


  1. Sister Jude Manager

2. Lindsay

3. April Manager

4. Indeed Manager

5. Side Character

6. Goat

7. Hicks

8. Jake

9. Raven/NarrowStrife Intern

10. May Worker Drone

11. dw Worker Drone

12. hohodor Worker Drone

13. Ralph Worker Drone

14. malthusc Worker Drone

15. Marlowe Worker Drone

16. Emm

17. Cop Worker Drone

18. Sheleeta Worker Drone

19. Louie Worker Drone

20. Dicentra Manager

21. Tiff Worker Drone


Office Catalog – discover the allegiance and item power of one player per night

Groucho Glasses – take an extra vote in the day thread (it appears under the name “Groucho”)

Eggnog – choose one player per night and grant them a speech impediment

Scented Candles – once per game, end the day an hour early

Pink Slips – carry out the wolf kill. Passed on to other wolves upon death.

Post-It Notes – pass a short message to another player’s QT once per night

Ouija Board – ask the graveyard a question each night. Unclear which players will answer.

Puppy Calendar – must post animal pictures each day or face mod kill. Forbidden from revealing nature of item to other players.

Desk Radio – each night, select a song to feature in the next day’s header

Label Maker – change a player’s username each night

Magnifying Glass – follow a player each night to see if they performed or were the target of night actions

Baseball Tickets – one night, select a player, making them and yourself immune to night actions, while also blocking theirs

World’s Greatest Boss Mug – scan as town if investigated

Swiss Army Knife – Serial Killer’s. Murder one player per night

Magic 8 Ball – ask the mod a single yes-or-no question on Night 3

Glitter Bomb – bomb one person per night. Header will reflect if they were involved in a kill

Mistletoe – given to two players. Share a QT and die if their partner dies.

Fruit Cake – each night, give one of three slices to another player. Once slice is poisoned and will kill the recipient.

Spray Paint – write a message in the headers each day