Jimmy: The Finals

I was SOOO trying to finish this before Christmas.

But OTOH, now that the pressure given by Mr. Potter is off, will the humanistic power of Capra-Corn affect It’s a Wonderful Life?

Because, no surprises, here. The final we all suspected is, believe it or not, going to happen.

Both of our Finalists earned 22 votes apiece. Their competition earned 9 votes for The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance versus 7 votes for The Philadelphia Story.

Read that as you will.

So we have our Top 4 Jimmy Stewart Favorite Movie Star Tournament Performances / Movies. (Yeah, I don’t know either.) But who will end up on top. And who will win 3rd Place (which is where the excitement might take place… unless, the Holidays are truly over….)

We shall see.

Meanwhile, what would be YOUR favorite Top 3 / 5 / 10 / whatever list for your Favorite Jimmy Stewart Movies would be?

The choice… is yours…..!!!!