‘Twas the Night Thread After Christmas 2020

This header could several ways.

Maudlin with twist, a la the most-recent U.S. Thanksgiving Day Thread, certainly occurred.

But Uvular tries to never repeat a gag unless doing so earns upvotes.

Warm-hearted? That seemed safe. But might Avocadoians feel burned out from burning Yule logs at both ends and in the middle for nearly all of month already?

Cynical would play against expectations, but it could also try everyone’s patience.

In the end, only one option made sense: Throw a bone to the large contingent of UKacados who crowd the first hours of the Night Thread.

Enjoy this depiction of a traditional Boxing Day celebration.

Join the fold1 from wherever you sit. Deal with stirring mice as seems most appropriate. No epiphanies allowed until January 6.2