WW 139 – Office Christmas Party – Day 4

Dwight is napping in the corner of an abandoned cube, splat in the middle of a sunbeam. He doesn’t notice when a pair of figures approaches him and gently, gently ease him outside, where he’ll no longer bother them with his fierce adorableness.

DWIGHT (Tiff) has been eliminated. He was a VERY GOOD BOY (and Tiff was Town).

Microsoft Excel is categorizing its music collection. Alphabetically by album or artist? Or perhaps release year? Ugh. Excel doesn’t notice when a young intern copies down 10,000 SUMIFS formulas, grinding the program to a halt.

Excel (malthusc) is dead. He was a Worker Drone (Townie).

The desk radio blares a mournful tune that now must act as Excel’s swansong.

Wandering through the halls, you find another defaced cube.


Huh. Good to know. The dozen of you gather in a conference room for trust falls, wondering how many would even bother to catch you.


9 Employees – devoted worker drones. No powers but their votes and their items. Win when the scum factions are all dead.

2 Managers – wolves, who have a collective night kill, as well as any item powers they may have gotten. Win when they equal or surpass the number of remaining players and the Intern is also dead.

1 Disgruntled Intern – Serial Killer. Kills one person a night. Wins when it comes down to them and one other person.


  1. Sister Jude Manager

2. Lindsay

3. April

4. Indeed

5. Side Character

6. Goat

7. Hicks

8. Jake

9. Raven

10. May Worker Drone

11. dw Worker Drone

12. hohodor Worker Drone

13. Ralph

14. malthusc Worker Drone

15. Marlowe Worker Drone

16. Emm

17. Cop Worker Drone

18. Sheleeta

19. Louie

20. Dicentra Manager

21. Tiff Worker Drone

Backup: Narrowstrife


Office Catalog – discover the allegiance and item power of one player per night

Groucho Glasses – take an extra vote in the day thread (it appears under the name “Groucho”)

Eggnog – choose one player per night and grant them a speech impediment

Scented Candles – once per game, end the day an hour early

Pink Slips – carry out the wolf kill. Passed on to other wolves upon death.

Post-It Notes – pass a short message to another player’s QT once per night

Ouija Board – ask the graveyard a question each night. Unclear which players will answer.

Puppy Calendar – must post animal pictures each day or face mod kill. Forbidden from revealing nature of item to other players.

Desk Radio – each night, select a song to feature in the next day’s header


Twilight is at 8 CST on Wednesday, December 23rd.