Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (12/22)

About ten years ago, my sister started a crazy tradition during the Christmas holiday season: we were going to marathon the Lord of the Rings extended version from beginning to end and see who would last the entire run time.

I think most of my family tapped out some time in the middle of the Two Towers. I’m a completist, though, and I ran the gauntlet from beginning to end. All the way through all four of the endings. I think it must’ve been 5 am when we finally got to it. (My wife was up with me, but she was in and out of sleep on the couch.)

Since then, Lord of the Rings has sorta been associated with the holidays for me. From time to time my wife has suggested that we try to marathon it again, though I don’t know how seriously to take it. We’ll probably go for the theatrical versions, though.

Other great film series to marathon are James Bond (though never the entire thing, maybe just four or five films in a row) and Star Wars.

Today’s bonus prompt: what movie series do you like to marathon?

Next week: favorite film discovery of 2020.