The Pits

2020 Pits: Hey Everybody – Let’s Pitch In N’ Get Crackin’.

2020. It’s just the worst, right? Well, some stuff had to be good! And it’s up to us to figure out what that stuff was! It’s time for the 2020 Pits!


First we have to organize this thing. Here’s my rough plan:

  • Topic leaders posting their threads for nominations and categories starting next week:
    • Movies on 12/7
    • TV on 12/8 (Owen is taking this over)
    • Video Games on 12/9
    • Music on 12/10
    • Anime, Podcasts, Books and Comic Books on 12/11

What I need here is for people who led these last year in the comments to either say yes or no that they will be organizing again this year. If they aren’t, we need to find replacements, hopefully in this posts comments, to take over the topic

Here is the media page for last year if anyone needs a reference for how this whole thing works.

I’ll be starting up the commenting awards on 12/12. I am going to be keeping the categories the same as last year (For reference) unless there are important additions or subtractions that people feel should be added or removed. Please use this posts comment thread to point out any additional commenting awards or suggest any that should be removed. Otherwise, going to run with those 33.

Results will be posted by the topic leaders starting the week of the 21st.

Aaaaaaand go!