Weekly Who #24 Judges Books By Their Covers

Hello! Welcome back to Weekly Who. It’s been a while a lot has happened including me discovering something absolutely delightful that I hope to share with you all today!

So back in the 1980s Japanese publisher Hayakawa Bunko published five translations of Target Doctor Who novelizations. These were Day Of The Daleks, The Auton Invasion, The Cave Monsters, The Daleks, and The Doomsday Weapon. The novels all came festooned with new cover art by Michiaki Sato and the covers are amazing!

My favorite cover of his is the stunning one for The Auton Invasion in which a haunting partially constructed Auton looks menacingly at the viewer, an arm laying on the ground in the background.

They’re coming to get you!

The only weak spot in Sato’s designs are the Daleks. Pepper-pots are already a kind of goofy design and Sato opts to make them even rounder and egg shaped (they probably weren’t given any visual reference material to be fair.) The covers are still good though especially Day Of The Daleks which has a kickass looking character shoot a Dalek out of the sky.

Exterminate This!

Those are highlights from Sato’s exquisite Doctor Who work. Are there any alternative art for Doctor Who works you love? Anything else Who related eating you up this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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