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Weekly Who Return and Doctor Who Review Signups

With Modern Doctor Who’s 12th season being over and lucky 13 being delayed due to the ongoing pandemic there isn’t a lot of new Doctor Who on TV at least for a while. I figured to fill the gaps in our hearts and to keep the conversation going on site I would do two things.

The first thing is I’m thawing Weekly Who out for another run. The first run ended when I took over as head of Doctor Who for the site during season 12 and I found my energy to write two articles on one topic a week was not there. (In the future when season 13 does premier I will bench Weekly Who until the mid-season break.)

You all when I post another Weekly Who

The Second Thing is the one I find most exciting. I was thinking of not only bringing back Classic Reviews but expanding the whole enterprise to cover not only all the Modern episodes nobody reviewed on this website yet but any Expanded Universe material the reviewer wants be it audio play, comic book, novel, or even escape room experience. To that end I decided to open it up to any Avocado who wants to participate. As long as you have WordPress publishing privileges and a desire to review Doctor Who you are eligible.

Now For The Ground Rules:

  1. I will be reviewing Series 13 as it comes out. I’m not quitting contemporary Who Reviews
  2. If you are not going to be able to make the deadline and you know ahead of time please let me know ASAP so I can either find a backup or review something myself that week if need be.
  3. Categorize and Tag things appropriately so finding the reviews later is easier. For Categories if you review a Comic Book that goes under the “Books” Category for example. As for the Tags, Classic Serials get tagged “Doctor Who (Classic)” Modern Episodes get tagged “Doctor Who (Modern)” and Expanded Universe Materials get tagged “Doctor Who EU”

If all of this sounds like fun the sign up sheet for the reviews is here I made the first date The First Of October I figured that would give some time for people to see this, sign up, and get the review written. If that is not enough time Let me know and I can push it back another week.