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If Books Are Retitled Honestly

I think of doing something a little bit fun regarding books here in the Avocado. And what better is playing a game of making jokes about the books we all know.

The thread is simple: all you have to do is say the title of the books honestly based on the plot or the reception it receives (example on the latter include how The Great Gatsby is mostly read as a high school assignment). Here are also some rules of posting:

  1. Posting your entree as a simple comment is mostly the way to go. Photoshop is also fine as well.
  2. Add the author to the your book as well. You can also put the real title as well if people don’t know what it is.
  3. There is no limit of comments you make in this thread.
  4. Be original. Do not steal other people’s jokes.
  5. Don’t post any offensive comments no matter how it plays a major part of the novel.
  6. Be nice to other people’s comments/entrees.

Okay, so have fun everyone. Here are some examples (that I found on the internet):