Werewolf 128: Extreme House Hunter-Uppers Brothers, Final Day

It is the final day.

You have all made your decisions.

To keep playing for victory, or finally end it all?

To share the prize with your friends or snatch it for yourself?

The decision is easy for some of you. Quick. Painless.

For others, it takes a much, much longer time.

What if I’m left in the dust?


Some of you chose to share the prize.

Those of you who chose to end the game…

RPC has died.

Wasp has died.

…chose poorly.

There are now two people remaining. That’s not enough for a fun final brawl. Like, oh, do I target myself or do I target them? That’s not super fun. I say we need three for a final brawl.

So, uh, you know what we should do?

Anna and Hoho, make your cases. Tell us why you should live. Everyone else– the dead and the nonplayers– can vote in the vote thread. You will decide who wins.

Good luck, Anna. Good luck, Hoho.


oh and twilight’s at… tomorrow, at noon. est.