Marble League 2020 E15 Collision

The marbles have been playing nice for most of the tournament, but now it’s time for them to unleash their pent-up aggression and just go apeshit. Welcome to Collision.

This year, the collision arena has been upgraded with catapults that launch red marbles called “electrons” onto the play area. There are also massive planetary marbles that steamroll everything in their path. These additions augment the chaos of the event. Our orbicular athletes will need every iota of courage they can muster to remain on the play area.

The Green Ducks and the Thunderbolts advance out of Group A with two victories apiece. The Savage Speeders easily win Group B with three victories, while all other teams have one win and two losses. The difference comes down to the points for/points against margin, which favours the Hazers. There are lots of draws in Group C, but the Oceanics and the Minty Maniacs make it through with no losses to their name. Group D has a lot of close calls and sneaky behaviour, but the Midnight Wisps and Mellow Yellow manage to move on.

The Minty Maniacs, the Savage Speeders, the Thunderbolts, and the Hazers win their quarterfinal matches and advance. In Semifinal A, the Savage Speeders destroy the Minty Maniacs with a 4-1 victory. Semifinal B is a meteorological match-up, with the Thunderbolts winning a decisive 5-1 victory over the Hazers.

The bronze medal match is a chaotic affair with lots of close calls, but a failed launching mechanism saves the day, and the Minty Maniacs hold on for a 4-2 victory over the Hazers. The final match is even closer, with the Savage Speeders nearly losing two marbles off the side but somehow hanging on for a 4-3 victory over the Thunderbolts.

With that victory, the Savage Speeders have catapulted over the O’rangers into first place in the overall standings. But they have only a 5-point margin separating them, so things could get very interesting in the final event.

Stray thoughts:

  • Watching the O’rangers fail to win a single Group A match gave me life. And coming in 16th place in the event? -chef’s kiss- Perfection.
  • The Hornets scored a perfect victory against the Bumblebees in Group B, definitively proving which buzzing insect is superior.
  • I think a successful re-entry into the field should count. Team Momo was robbed!
  • With only one event left, both the Green Ducks and the Hornets have yet to win a single medal.

The final event, the marble marathon, will be held on August 16th. Stay tuned!

Complete stats for Marble League 2020 can be found at the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.