Werewolf 128: Extreme House Hunter-Uppers Brothers, Day Five

Okay, everybody! Let’s get into it! Another day of tricks, gambits, and shenanigans caused almost exclusively by yours truly!

Now, what do I add today to shake things up? Another new rule? A reward for Banner’s Gambit-ing yourself? Or maybe I could just–

spooky has died.

DW has died.

Jude has died. 

CuteAndCurious has died.

April has died.

Emm has died.

4 players remain.


5 players remain.

–okay, that was rude of you. also extremely inconvenient for me.

luckily i’m, uh, fine. had to change some stuff, but i’m back. don’t worry about what i did.

i forgive you. but you’re on thin ice. okay? jesus. 

you know what? no powers tonight. no decor. this house will have a abstract red accent wall in every room. kill each other.



Every single one of you– even the ones who died– are serial killers. There are no wolves, no masons, no roled townies– only VT turned evil by capitalism.

Each day will still have a vote thread in which to daykill.

If you don’t make at least three comments in a game day, one of which as a response to someone else, I am going to kill you. You will be removed from the game.

No more night powers!

Everyone’s getting a link to a QT with one other currently living player. I’m hoping this will encourage interaction between players, and perhaps more coordinated sabotage.

Remember the power of friendship. And, perhaps, of chaos.



many serial killers




  1. RPC
  2. Hoho
  3. Anna
  4. Wasp
  5. Spooky


  1. Video
  2. Owen
  3. Mac
  4. Raven
  5. Lamb
  6. Jake
  7. Hayes
  8. Ralph
  9. Malthusc
  10. Nuka
  11. Rim
  12. Hicks
  13. Louie
  14. Sic Humor
  15. Lindsay
  16. Nate
  17. Gramps
  18. Side
  19. DW
  20. Jude
  21. CuteAndCurious
  22. April
  23. Emm


twilight is august 12 at 8 pm EST.

anna’s power is out and i don’t want to make her miss twilight, though. so i reserve the right to make the day longer if she doesn’t check in.