Werewolf 128: Extreme House Hunter-Uppers Brothers, Day Three

okay so

let me get this straight

you guys were all “let’s all be kind! raise everyone from the dead! we’ll prove something about the inherent good of humanity!”

and then, with ZERO hesitation

“yeah i think i’m gonna murder someone tonight”

and by the way?

why did three of you debate killing yourself in your qts?

not saying how many went through with it but hey

like i know this isn’t really werewolf anymore but


friendship really means nothing to you


Hoho (Hoho) and Emm (Mauve) have been resurrected. (I ask them politely to stop talking in whatever QTs they inhabited earlier, though they don’t have to delete them.)

at least a few of you had a shred of compassion

oh, anna. was it the color of the wallpaper? was it the dustiness of the bedroom? was it the narrow grooves in the walls? Anna (The Yellow Wallpaper protagonist) has died.

you died too soon, wasp. and i really do appreciate your contribution to the advertising department. Wasp (uhhh) has died.

so last minute. you almost made it through. but time doesn’t heal all wounds. Hicks (Peggy) has died.

and no, i didn’t mess this one up again. so don’t ask.

please just kill each other. without the pretext of kindness. betrayal isn’t funny when everyone does it.


Every single one of you– even the ones who died– are serial killers. There are no wolves, no masons, no roled townies– only VT turned evil by capitalism.

Tonight’s House Powers include:

Commercial Break: Protection from being murdered. Can be used on yourself or someone else. If you use this tonight, you can’t kill anyone. (Not good for advertisers.)
HGTV Twitter DM: Share a QT with one other person of your choice. You and the other person can choose to “block” each other (stop contact through the QT) at any time.
Tragic Backstory: Resurrect one person who’s already died. They can’t kill you for two nights.
Advertising Department: I’ll draw you a picture 🙂
Halloween Special: Choose to haunt someone if you die tonight or any later night.
Strike: you can give me one piece of negative feedback about this game. if you don’t choose this you can’t do it.

Not everyone who wins a power will get to choose between every power.

The Decor Vote Threads will now include options that add new rules to the game, such as the ones in there today. (These options are still decor, though they might be a little bit too niche for a lot of decor styles.)

Each day will still have a vote thread in which to daykill.

Keep in mind the power of friendship. This isn’t a joke.


many serial killers



  1. DW
  2. Sic Humor
  3. Lindsay
  4. Nate
  5. Jude
  6. Gramps
  7. Side
  8. CuteAndCurious
  9. April
  10. Louie (surprisingly)
  11. RPC
  12. Emm
  13. Hoho


  1. Video
  2. Owen
  3. Mac
  4. Raven
  5. Lamb
  6. Jake
  7. Hayes
  8. Ralph
  9. Malthusc
  10. Nuka
  11. Rim
  12. Anna (potato)
  13. Wasp
  14. Hicks


twilight’s at 5 pm EST on august 8th. be there.