Marble League 2020 E7 Block Pushing

Our orbicular athletes have shown off their speed and finesse. Now it’s time for a test of raw strength. Welcome to block pushing.

The first four runs don’t produce much in the way of interest. But in Run #5, the Midnight Wisps obliterate the old ML record by over three centimetres, overshadowing the Savage Speeders’ impressive showing of coming up just short of the record. That catapults the Wisps and the Speeders into first and second place, respectively. In a later run, Team Galactic finishes just behind the 80 cm mark for a provisional third place.

But in this event, it’s the best of two runs that counts, so all teams get one more go. Most teams fail to improve their scores, but the O’rangers score 82.40 cm, skyrocketing them into second place. But that doesn’t last long, because on the very next run, Team Momo bests them by half a centimetre. In the end, the Midnight Wisps retain gold, Team Momo takes the silver, and the O’rangers take bronze.

Stray thoughts:

  • Wow, the Hazers just fell apart today. Sub-60 on their second run? Good grief.
  • The O’rangers are back on top in the standings, and the Crazy Cat’s Eyes are in second place. The Minty Maniacs have dropped all the way down into third place, tied in points with the Midnight Wisps. This ain’t fresh.

Next up: the triathlon. Which team has the best all-around athletes? We’ll find out next week.

Complete stats for Marble League 2020 can be found at the Jelle’s Marble Runs Wiki.