Werewolf 123 : Five Night at Fitness 2: Sister Location Day Six

Soos wasn’t too sure what to make of this job. But, it was hardly the first time he’d encountered eldritch abominations…or the second. As he stood behind the front desk reading “You, your animatronics, and you!” he heard a faint noise behind him. This was hardly unexpected, but still painful.

“I will find a way out”



The night staff had almost made it through the week. It was a darn shame about Babe yesterday, but they could mull over their mistakes over BLT’s later. Upon entering the building, it seemed that everything had been activated.

Candy Cadet was proudly exclaiming that it had candy all day,




Lefty was singing “Lovely Day” by Bill Withers over in the corner, the stage lights were on, and the PA system was proudly shilling membership options.

Alas, the club was still closed. It was hard to hear over the singing, but the crew had just missed a phone call. Fortunately, the kind caller left a voicemail.

Being the sensible people they were, the staff tried to immediately leave the building. Only to find the doors barred shut. Of course…



8 Players will have the honor and privilege of becoming an integral gear in the machine that is Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™. Their goal is to help eliminate any potential threat to the franchise by collectively voting for the controlled shocking of one person per night.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “TOWN”


The wolves consist of 3 Animatronics. Little is known about their identities or motives…or how they’ve managed to infiltrate Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™. What is known, is they pose a threat to the honest employees and must be defeated for a town victory.

The wolves will share a QT, but each night a different wolf gets to determine who they kill. Their kill confirmation will be sent to me from their individual QT’s. In the event a wolf dies, the next wolf in line gets to choose their target. Each wolf get’s one kill per night with the exception of Funtime Freddy. The Wolves win if their numbers are equal to town’s.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “WOLF”

Night 1: Funtime Chica-One Kill

Night 2: Ballora-One Kill

Night 3: Funtime Freddy-GO GET ‘EM!: Two Kills. If the Maintenance Official is killed, they revert to one kill.

Night 4: Circus Baby-One Kill

Night 5: ████████-One Kill


Ever since they bought Funtime Chica; no one wanted to play with Foxy. No one wanted to hear her songs. A performance was demanded of him, and it delivers.

Funtime Foxy is given one kill per night. If investigated, their role will be revealed as “???”


SPRINGTRAP is a jailer with a special possible win condition. Due to mysterious and nefarious reasons, The jailer wishes to personally destroy the Animatronics without any interference.

They may jail one person per night to prevent that person from being nightkilled. This also blocks that person’s night action if they have any. The jailer may not jail the same person on consecutive nights, and they may also not jail themselves. If the jailer is still alive during normal wolf win conditions, the wolves lose.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “TOWN”


The Maintenance Official is sent to investigate rumors that another “’87 Incident” may be upcoming. The identity of this official is to remain classified as to not startle employees.

Once per night the Maintenance Official may investigate one player. With the exception of GO GET’ EM nights where they get two investigations. If Funtime Freddy is eliminated, the Investigator resumes their normal once per night investigations.


The Wildcard is a one time role and may be activated upon the player’s discretion. Once activated, a single player chosen completely at random will die either at twilight or during the night. Including possibly, themself.

If investigated, their role will be revealed as “???”


1. Captain Video

2. Tobias Morpheus

3. Louie (formerly Jude)

4. Indy

5. Goat

6. May

7. Corporal Hicks

8. Side Character

9. Raven and Rose

10. Cop on the Edge-Ish

11. Hoho

12. Hayes

13. malthusc

14. Lindsay

15. Snugs

16. MSD

17. DW

18. Sic

19. April

20. Grump

21. Owen

22. Spooky

23. Jake

24. Gramps

25. Nate


No quoting from QT’s.

A tie at twilight results in RNG kill.

No game talk after Twilight plz.

Please be respectful of your fellow players and their playstyles. Attack arguments, not people.

Please keep conversations out of the vote thread. I know this isn’t normally a rule but it will make my life much easier.

Thank you, and remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™.


Twilight will be Monday, May 25th at 8PM EST. Thank you, and remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear’s Fitness™!